Motorcycle Training WA uses progressive learning techniques to help explain the learning process how to ride a motorcycle. Students will first learn the basic operations and then build upon these skills until they gain full control, confidence and the accuracy that is required to ride a motorcycle. We can help train you to achieve a higher level that is required to pass you motorcycle practical examination.

  1. General briefing of the bike and rider (controls, body posture, etc.)
  2. Starting and stopping your motorcycle
  3. Clutch control and gears
  4. Gearing up and down
  5. Turning and cornering at slow speeds (friction point and visual)
  6. Crossing obstacles
  7. Correct signalling
  8. Motorcycle safety checks
  9. Road positioning
  10. M.I.L.O. checks
  11. Swerving and Counter Steering
  12. Avoiding collisions and identifying road hazards
  13. Various braking techniques at different speeds and surface (in rainy conditions)

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