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YAMAHA Scorpio 225

Good things in a small package. There’s nothing like the feel of a new bike. The smell, the tight feel, the warranty… so why buy used? Scorpio is proof that you can buy a highly manoeuvrable commuting package that’s surprisingly good fun, and super economical, for the same money as buying used. Scorpio has a strong, reliable four-stroke SOHC engine that – being a Yamaha – you know is going to last.

  • The lightweight chassis, super responsive steering and easy-to-use controls make the Scorpio a simple, no fuss commuter that’s cheap, efficient, and most of all, fun.
  • No fuss ultra reliable electric starting comes with rock solid kick-start back up.
  • A 13.5 litre fuel tank capacity maximises range between stops, and with Scorpio’s frugal appetite, you’ll be surprised at how far you get.
  • Low, 770mm seat height allows most riders to put both feet on the ground allowing confident and easy car park manoeuvrability.
  • Incredibly low 124kg dry weight contributes significantly to Scorpio’s easily handling, and superb low-speed agility.
  • A twin piston, large-diameter front disc and sealed rear drum brakes provides Scorpio a beefed up stopping solution and consistent modulation in all weather conditions.
  • Single-sided exhaust emits a satisfying note without being overly noisy, and features chromed heat shield.
  • Comfortable pillion seating and footpegs mean Scorpio adapts to your lifestyle.


This all-new 600 is one of the coolest and desirable models in the important naked 600 category, and is powered by an inline 4-cylinder engine that has been tuned to deliver responsive low to mid-range torque for fun riding.

  • 600cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder 4-valve DOHC
  • Newly-developed high-compression cylinder head
  • Rider-friendly linear power characteristics
  • Slim and lightweight handling feel
  • Ideal balance of controllability and performance
  • Plenty of low to mid-range torque
  • Outstanding levels of fun, enjoyment and performance.
  • 4-2-1 exhaust with midship muffler located beneath chassis
  • Redesigned shift mechanism for smooth and easy gearchanging
  • New inner-push type clutch for easy action

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